Get involved

When you start using the EFL for your projects, do not forget that you can also help develop the libraries themselves. EFL, the Enlightenment window manager and assorted applications are offered under an open source licence.

If you are a programmer with heavy C skills you are most welcome to send patches for EFL code or even become a regular developer. Subscribe to the Enlightenment development list, see what are the problems at hand and decide where your want to help. You need of course to use the latest code available (offered via CVS) in order to be able to keep up with the ever changing EFL code base.

If you are an artist instead (a guru in Gimp maybe) you will be happy to learn that EFL is all about eye candy. Browse through the pages for Themes/backgrounds/modules/splash screens and see what other users have already submitted. Then either modify an existing theme to your needs or even better create you own from scratch. You will soon find that EFL is THE platform that you can showcase how good artist you are (second only to OpenGL/textures/gaming engines). Several of the EFL programmers actually consider themselves more as an artist than you would think.

You can also help with documentation. Once you start using EFL for your themes/programs you will certainly discover some tricks/concepts/methods/functions which lack good documentation. Do not hesitate to write about your discoveries. The document that you are reading at the moment may for example be inadequate in some areas in your opinion. If you think that you can improve it in any way contact its author and show your interest!

Finally if you are just a (mortal) user do not despair! You can help too. Download the snapshots from (or if you feel lucky directly from CVS) and perform some bug hunting. Programmers can only test a small set of functionality and sometimes miss some test cases. They never know what users will actually try to do with their software!. If you submit a bug make sure that you give a thorough description (all error messages, gdb backtrace e.t.c.). There is also a separate mailing list just for users (it also serves the Enlightenment version 16 users.